Secluded Parlor:
The Parlor is most accurately described as an outdoor roofed platform located in the forest in front of the bungalow style rooms. With a gorgeous flower lined walkway leading up to it, this charmingly designed parlor has a long table with benches placed on it for guests to either enjoy a meal outdoors or just some outdoor time with friends and family.



The whole Myanmar Life property has plots of trees, plants and flowers all over it where guests can spend their mornings or evenings on slow refreshing walks through scenic routes. Featured on our website is the lamp lighted walkway leading from the main building to the other rooms in the back of the property. With a charming stone floor design and automatic lights, this walkway is perfect for guests looking for a scenic route to their rooms or for our honeymooning couple venturing out on a moonlit stroll.



Our Swimming Pool
Our Swimming Pool is beautifully designed for your safety and pleasure. It goes from 3 feet on the shallow side to 6 feet on the deep side. The pool is run with a saltwater chlorination water system for sanitation purposes. Attached to our swimming pool is a perimeter of wood lined deck that serves as a sunbathing area. Guests can choose to spend a fun filled family day splashing in the pool or lazy relaxing day lounging on the recliners on the deck on a warm sunny day.



Our White Pagoda
The White Pagoda is and has always been a natural part of the Myanmar Life property’s land. It existed long before the property did and the Myanmar Life family has now incorporated it into the scenic gardens. Fully renovated to suit the needs of our guests, our White Pagoda now features a beautiful water fall at the entrance and a charming bridge that leads to it. The best part of the renovation is a roofed platform that now sits right in front of the pagoda where guests can choose to spend their evenings in the Pagoda’s tranquil atmosphere.